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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder Review


Safely get your pet to and from your bed, couch, chairs and other areas with the Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder.

The Animal Planet Wooden Pet Steps safely carries your pet to and from those hard to reach places. Now your loving companion can easily join you on the bed or couch without your physical support. Simply place the pet steps at your open car door to safely load pets for travel. Great for small or aging animals. Hassle-free, foldable design and built-in handles allow easy storage. Locking mechanism and 4-tier design support dogs up to 60-pounds. Non-skid carpeting on each step and side rails guides your pet safely. Stylish espresso brown wood and slate gray design match any home decor.

Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder Features:

•    4-stair steps.
•    Wooden construction with built-in carry handles.
•    Rich expresso finish that compliments any décor.
•    Durable fabric-lined steps to protect your pet’s paws and prevent slippage.
•    Folding design allows y ou to conveniently store your pet steps when not in use.

Dimensioons & Weight:
Measures 15″ L x 22 1/2″ W x 20″ H. 6 Pounds

Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder Review:

The Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder is a handy tool to help your pet climb to higher places, like your SUV or even on your bed. Although it is initially designed to help pets that are injured or frail, even your healthy pets will find this very useful to make their climb easy and safe. Puppies, for instance, can climb on the couch on their own with the assistance of this tool. This ladder comes with several features, like:

1) Fabric-lined Steps – This will provide comfortable and secure footing for your pet.

2) Wooden Construction – Its sturdy material is able to carry up to 60 pounds of weight. Therefore, even medium to slightly large dogs can safely climb on this. It also has a locking mechanism to ensure that the ladder will not fold while your pet is climbing it.

3) Foldable Design – You can easily fold the ladder for easy and convenient storage.

Despite these amazing features, many users, however, are not so pleased with the Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder. There have been reports of the ladder collapsing while their pets were climbing it. It seems like the joints and screws are not properly designed and assembled causing this disaster. There are customers who think they are sturdy though. So, you should make sure to lock the safety pins because some of the complaints could be due to improper use. You should also inspect the product well after it is delivered to you.

This product has a fixed incline and height of 20 inches. It only has four steps, so you cannot use this if you want to make your pet climb a higher place. For that, you may want to consider one of the ramps for dogs instead. However, considering that it costs much less than pet ramps, if the Animal Planet Wooden Pet Ladder’s height is right for your needs, then it will be a good choice.

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