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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">Give Your Dog a Helping Hand! Pool Steps for Dogs: Paws Aboard Pool Pup Dog Ladder Steps


It’s estimated that about one in a thousand dogs will drown this year in pools- just in the United States alone. This problem can be completely solved by adding pool steps for dogs that will help your animal find their way out of the pool when they are struggling to get out. If your dog is either young or very old, it’s foolish not to have these stairs, as they could very well save your dog’s life in a tough situation. Furthermore, pup dog ladder steps could save more than just your pet from a terrible fate- or even if your dog has arthritis or hip problems and could struggle with getting out simply because of their age.

Many people might neglect from buying a dog ladder for their pool, with the notion in their head that their dog would never be in a situation where it jumped in the pool randomly, without you being here, or would never have a problem getting out of the pool- but typically that isn’t the case. Dogs are easily distracted and typically bring themselves into these types of situations. Maybe you don’t want to put permanent steps into your pool, however- and it’s really tough to find decent alternatives sometimes.


What People Look For in Pool Steps for Dogs

Paws Aboard Pool Pup Dog Ladder Steps 1Most people are looking for a lightweight product that they can easily move and maneuver to fit in the absolute most convenient corner of your pool. Additionally, you want it to be highly functioning so that it can take abuse and stay in the highest of quality, despite the rough conditions found in most people’s pool water.

Additionally, you want a product that will fit your dog’s needs, no matter the size- especially if you’ve got a wide variety of dog sizes (We do). You don’t want to have to invest on different materials if what you’ve chosen to fit your needs doesn’t work.

You want steps designed with agility for your animal in mind- the steps need to be sturdily constructed, but easy to maneuver and built with your dog’s particular needs in mind. While you don’t want to spend too much, you also don’t want a product that’s not going to meet your needs- and the dog steps we’ve found for you are perfect for that type of application. Most importantly, your dog needs to be able to use them to their fullest effect, not struggling to learn how to use them, because the design is streamlined with them in mind.


Why we feel the Paws Aboard with Ladder Step System Fits All of Those Requirements and More:

Paws Aboard Pool Pup Dog Ladder StepsThe Paws Aboard system is very discreet and secure system to ensure that your pet always has a long-lasting escape system, and it’s made from some of the highest strength, UV proof and chlorine resistant plastic so it’s sturdy and built to last. Additionally, the design is made to ensure that there are no holes for you pet’s paws to get stuck in, and the steps are built with safety in mind with slip-proof slits and grips for your pet to ensure that they never have any problems getting in or out of your pool.

In our mind, the best feature of the Paws Aboard Pool Ladder System is that it’s extremely easy to remove and replace, all you have to do is pull the two pins and remove remove the system from your deck easily and effectively. You never have to worry about damaging the liner of your pool either- and the system is completely convenient for any size of dog, whether you’re at the pool or not- and all you have to do is put it in a shallow section of the pool, because the steps are built at a natural rise up from 21 inches, to 28 inches, to 14.5 inches, on down to 8.5, and a five inch riser over the water. It’s perfect for any sized dog, from 4 pounds to 150 pounds, and the system will never slow you down, no matter how you approach it.


Purchase a Pool Step Device For Your Dog, and Eliminate Your Worries

For less than $130, you can ensure your dog’s complete safety in any environment around your pool. And accidents happen faster than you would think! Sometimes, making a small inexpensive change, even if you don’t use it constantly is better than setting yourself up for a loss or even death of one of your most important family members. Don’t find yourself regretting not making a simple purchase of pool steps for dogs– buy this awesome Paws Aboard Ladder System today! You’ll be glad you did.

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