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The Midwest Select Triple-Door Dog Crate is a heavy duty and easy to use crate. It provides 5 size options: 48″x30″x33″ and 42″x28″x30″ for large breeds and the other three sizes for medium and small size dogs(check out all sizes). People rate this crate very high and the rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. The reasons why people give it top rating are its excellent quality, convenient 3 doors design and the included divider. This crate is made of heavy duty wire, which makes it more durable and prevents some pets from chewing through. The convenient 3 doors design is the most mentioned topic among users. It provides more placement options for users and allows dogs to go in and out easily. This Midwest Select dog crate comes with a divider. It allows users to separate two dogs and resize the crate for a puppy. This crate is very easy to fold up, which is very convenient for you to travel with your dog.

Midwest Select Triple-Door Dog Crate Features:

  • Midwest Select Triple Door Dog CrateHeavy duty wires: It is made of thick gauge wires that enable it to be chew proof to those chewers. And the heavy duty wires make it more durable than many other on the market.
  • 3 removable doors: Nearly every review mentioned its triple doors feature. It has two side doors and a center door. This feature provides much more convenience for people and it can be located anywhere in the house. This design has one flaw that it only opens one direction.
  • The convenient divider: This dog crate comes with a divider. The divider helps people to separate two dogs. You resize it when your dog is in the puppy stage and expand when he or she grows.
  • Easy to set up and take down: It can be folded up easily and put up in a few seconds. That’s great for traveling.

Midwest Select Triple-Door Dog Crate Drawbacks:

  • Heavy: People who bought the large size crate(48”x30”x33” and 42”x28”x30”) complained it was very heavy for people to move around.
  • Pan cracking: This crate also comes with a plastic pan. Some reviews reported their pans cracked easily.


  • Heavy duty wires
  • 3 removable doors
  • A convenient divider
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Affordable price
  • Super roomy (for large size)


  • Very heavy (for large size)
  • Pan cracking easily


  • A divider panel
  • Crate training DVD
  • Composite plastic Pan
  • Dual slide bolt latches
  • Rounded corners for Pets protection
  • Two ABS Plastic Handles

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