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Product Description:

Mr Herzher’s Smart Ramp. Large dog owners know that a lifetime of jumping damages hips, backs and other joints, but until now the selection in pet ramps have always been compromises. Now the Smart Ramp does it all with safety, versatility and ease-of-use. Most important of all, pets will feel truly confident on Smart Ramp because it provides secure footing with OSHA-approved materials and a superbly rigid rail frame made just like those tough fiberglass ladders. There’s no slipping, sliding, bounce or sway to scare them off, yet Smart Ramp is still amazingly light at just 16 pounds and vet recommended. And Smart Ramp is thoughtfully designed to protect your hands, their paws and expensive car finishes from scrapes and pinches.

  • Thoughtfully designed telescoping pet ramp with OSHA approved Shur-Foot tread surface for ultimate pet safety
  • Rigid-Rail frame is just like today’s tough fiberglass ladders and supports up to 300-pound
  • High profile rails in contrasting color keep unsteady pets securely on track
  • Non-slip feet at both ends keep ramp in place
  • Telescopes from 41-1/2-inch to 70-inch in length weighs just 16-pound

70 x 17.2 x 5.1 inches ; 16 pounds

Mr Herzher’s Smart Ramp Review:

The Mr Herzher’s Smart Ramp is an OSHA-approved ramp that will provide safety to your pets as they climb in vehicles or other higher places, like your bed. It provides an easy way to get frail or injured pets in your car whenever you are traveling or if you are just going for a visit to the vet. The Mr Herzher’s Smart Ramp has various features, which are as follows:

-Sturdy Structure

It is able to hold a weight of as much as 300 pounds. This is a great convenience to owners of large breeds of dogs. Instead of injuring yourself or your dog in trying to put him inside your SUV, he can easily use this ramp for an easy climb.

-Telescopic Design

The ramp is 41.5 inches in length, but it can be pulled out and extended to 70 inches. Therefore, it offers versatility in any kind of incline and in any height.

-Non-slip Ends

You need not worry about the ramp sliding while your pet is walking on it. It has a non-slip material on both ends to keep the ramp in place, providing safety to your pets.

-Wide Walking Area

The ramp is wide enough to provide secure footing for your pet. The rail and the tread also have contrasting colors so that your pet can easily recognize the walking track. The surface of the tread also provides friction to prevent slippage.

All in all, the Mr Herzher’s Smart Ramp is a very good product in helping your pet climb up into your tall vehicles. Dogs that are suffering from arthritis, for instance, will find it difficult to jump up. Carrying them will be difficult for you too if you happen to have a large dog. The only downside with this ramp is its size, which may take up a lot of room in your vehicle. However, its convenience of use and sturdiness are great features that would make you want to consider buying it.

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