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In the recent past, pet stairs have tremendously grown in popularity. More and more pet owners are trying their best to assist their small or arthritic pets, hope into cars or furniture. With an array of pet stairs in the market currently, choosing the best one can be challenging.

Does your pet have a difficult time climbing on to the furniture or car with you? The Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair offers the best solution to this problem. It makes it effortless for smaller pets to climb on to any higher point.

The stair brings with it deep steps that allow the whole body to be on every platform. Its shorter step height makes it effortless for the smaller pets to climb. The stair’s removable carpet thread is machine washable. You’ll certainly fall in love with the space-saving design of the stair.


Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair

Reduce the Risk of Arthritis

With the Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair, you can drastically reduce the risk of your pet contracting arthritis. The Easy Step Pet Stairs are effective at helping maintain and protect the joint health of your pet. Its innovative incline of the steps reduce the number of stairs needed to climb thus eliminating the stress on your pet. Did you know that pets, which jump off couches, beds or any other furniture, tend to place unnecessary strain on their joints? This could potentially result to arthritis. A great way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by buying these stairs for your small pet.


Extremely Easy to Clean


One of the best attributes about the Easy Step Bed Stair review is the fact that it’s extremely easy to clean. To spot clean the plastic steps, all you need is mild soap, warm water and a wet cloth. Before pet use, you should allow the cleaned area to dry completely. What about the carpeted threads, how do you clean them? The first thing is to undo the self-fastening strips. After that, machine wash the threads. Before re-attaching them to the steps, make sure you dry them thoroughly.



  • Pet Gear Easy Step Bed StairMaterial details – HDPE
  • Weight capacity – 75 pounds
  • Number of steps – 4
  • Finish – Chocolate
  • Non-skid – Yes
  • Handles included – No
  • Wheels included – No
  • Storage included – No
  • Machine washable – Yes
  • Outdoor use – Yes
  • Country of Manufacture – China
  • Product care – You can clean it with a gentle detergent and damp cloth
  • Eco-friendly – Yes
  • Assembly required – Yes



  • Takes less space in your room
  • Stairs are firmly secure in place
  • Has storage space
  • Takes a couple of minutes to assemble


Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair


  • Rubber grippers at the bottom
  • L-shape stair layout
  • Hinged back panel
  • Every step rises 5 inches
  • Chew resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Plastic material
  • Ideal for small to medium pets
  • 30 days product warranty



There’s no doubt that these pet stairs are world-class. They bring with them a host of features that every pet owner

would fall in love with. However, one drawback is the fact that the stairs are too many. In fact, some pets get terrified by them. Some pet owners have complained that their pets are afraid of the stairs and won’t use them. Some pets tend to be untrusting of the steps. Others complain that because of they’re many, assembling them becomes a problem.

While these two might be an issue, there’s a way around them. For starters, all you need to do is train your pet and he/she will get used to using the stairs. Most definitely, it’ll take time for him or her to be familiar with the stairs. Therefore, do not be in a hurry. Regarding the other problem, if you’re having issues assembling your stairs, all you need to do is check out the manufacturer’s manual. It contains all the instructions to help you handle the assembly with utmost ease

As We Wrap Up …

With the Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair, there’s no doubt that you can make the life of your furry friend extremely easy. The handy product is magical for smaller pets to get down and up from furniture or any higher point. The stair boasts an array of features such as effortless access to storage space, unique L-shape to save space, removable carpet for effortless machine washing, easy to assemble, rubber grippers at the bottom to securely hold it in place and many more. All these impressive features are tailored to ensure your pet has an easy time getting to higher positions.

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