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Taking good care of a pet requires informed decision making and sufficient improvisation. The Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5 Platform is an excellent choice since it is simple to use and to store. Pet ramps are important accessories since they help to provide your pet with convenient access to high areas. In fact, the pet ramp will let you load your pet easily into your Van, Truck, Trailer, Camper and more.

Thanks to the appealing design construction, it also makes the perfect addition to your interior décor. This unit takes up minimal space, and it suits various types of pets. It is more stable than the conventional ramp, and it also provides various other benefits. For instance, it is also compact in weight, and it is also simple to fold as well. Designed to stable on almost any type of surface, this pet loader provides sufficient peace of mind for your needs. The Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5 Platform is a, therefore, a worthwhile pet accessory for your needs. Some of its key features include:

Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5 Platform Review

Key features

Compact and simple to assemble design

The main benefits of this best pet accessory are that it has been designed to be compact and simple to assemble as well. In other words, this unit weighs only 20lbs which makes it very portable. It also takes up minimal space in your room as well. Besides that, the simple to assemble design means that its simple to setup within minutes. The compact design also means that this unit will leave a small footprint in your interior space. You do not need any additional tools to set up the pet ramp, and you can even carry it along with you on long distance journeys. The developers of this unit have also done well to incorporate the retractable staircase design assembly. In particular, the retractable design means that you can collapse this unit into a compact staircase for optimal convenience. his design makes it simple to take it around with you every you go.

Heavy-duty design and low ascent/descent angle

Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5 Platform Review

Taking things to the next level, this best pet ramp also has a heavy-duty design that can accommodate almost any type of pet. More so, the heavy-duty design means that you can use this unit for several years. The heavy-duty design is important since most pets tend to be negligent and playful. To be specific, the heavy-duty design comprises of durable plastic that provides long-lasting performance. It is resistant to any form of scratching or high impact forces that may compromise the performance of the pet loader. Besides that, the Pet Loader also has a low ascent/descent angle, which reduces any fear associated with heights that your pet experiences. This feature is also backed by the stable design, which reduces any likelihood of toppling over. In fact, the table sits very stable on almost any type of surface and while supporting the weight of the pet.


  • This pet ramp is simple to assemble
  • It has also been designed to provide a low angle of ascent/descent
  • This unit provides optimal traction and its stable as well
  • It weighs 20lbs, which makes it highly portable


Although this unit has some practical design features to suit the experience of your pet, it also has various drawbacks as well. For instance, some users have complained that it is somewhat heavy, which makes it difficult to move around. More so, some users have also complained that the retracting mechanism is sometimes prone to jamming. The droves on the steps are also ineffective, and some users have had to invest in additional material such as carpets for traction.


  • Average Shipping Weight: 25 pounds
  • ASIN: B00MFXD10Q
  • Customer rating review- 4.5 out of 5

Wrapping it up

In summary, owning the appropriate accessories is essential for any pet owner. These things have been designed to make life owning a pet a hassle-free experience. Simply put, the pet ramp will make it easy for you to help your pet gain access to high altitude areas such as your car. Therefore, the Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5 Platform is a worthwhile recommendation. This unit is simple to set up, and it comes with portable design for optimal user convenience.

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