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Featuring an exclusive patented design, the Pet Studio 3 Step Metro Ramp/Step makes it simple for sick, aging pets to reach their beds and more. As a savvy pet owner, investing in the appropriate accessories has various benefits. This best pet accessory is ideal for indoor use, and it comes with a neutral color tone that matches any home décor. Besides that, the Pet Studio Ramp/Steps can also accommodate large pets, and it has also been designed to be stable on any surface. You also don`t need any special skills or tools to set up the ramp. Taking things to the next level, this pet accessory features a heavy duty construction. It is also simple to assemble, and it folds down for convenient storage. Pet Studio manufacturers have also done well to ensure that it has a compact design to leave a small footprint in your space. Some of the key features of this best ramp step include:

Pet Studio 3 Step Metro Ramp/StepsKey features:

Sturdy plastic construction

Perhaps one of the notable features of this unit is that it has a sturdy plastic construction. This makes it suitable for your pet, and it will provide long-lasting performance benefits. More so, the sturdy construction of this pet ramp means that it can accommodate as much as 160lbs of pet weight. Whether you have a small pooch or a large Saint Benard, this best pet ramp can easily accommodate their weight. This best pet ramp is also stable when set up on any flat surface. The unique angle of both feet are convenient, and it also leaves a small footprint in your space. This feature is also backed by the inclusion of steel groves, which have been designed to provide optimal traction. Taking things to the next level, the superior material construction also does well to complement your interior décor.

Simple assembly and easy storage

Further lending to the superior design of this best Pet Studio Ramp/Step is that it can fold compactly for convenient storage. The manufacturers have done well to incorporate the collapsible design structure, which is both safe and convenient. In other words, you do not need any special tools or skills before you can enjoy the benefits of this ramp step. It sets up within minutes, and it is also simple to store. The compact design also means that it takes up minimal space within your space. Additionally, this best pet ramp step also comes with a stable design which makes it simple to set up on any surface. The ramp step also does well to accommodate various types of pets including large St. Bernards. It provides optimal stability, especially for pets who are active as they climb up.


  1. This best pet ramp step has a sturdy plastic construction
  2. It is also simple and straightforward to set up
  3. This pet accessory can accommodate 160lbs of weight
  4. It can also fold down for easy storage
  5. This unit has been designed to sit stable on type of surface
  6. This ramp step has a retractable structure which makes it convenient
  7. The steps come with grooves for improved traction

Pet Studio 3 Step Metro Ramp/StepsCons:

Although this Ramp step has various practical features to suit your pet’s mobility, it also has a few drawbacks. For instance, many users have complained that the staircase requires more traction, especially for the larger pets. In particular, the steps have several ridges which compromise traction. Also, some users have mentioned that the retractable feature tends to be prone to damage. Therefore, they have been inclined to invest in additional carpets to improve traction.


  • Product Dimensions: 42.4 x 18.4 x 3.9 inches; 15.9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 21.3 pounds
  • Customer review rating- 4.2 out of 5

Wrapping it up

All things considered, there is no space for poor decision making or insufficient improvisation, especially when it comes to taking good care of a pet. Making informed choices has its inherent benefits, and this is why the Pet Studio 3 Step Metro Ramp/Steps are ideal. This unit is simple to set up, and it also has a sturdy design construction to match. Moreover, the collapsible design and the sturdy construction make it suitable for your pets at home. It is the perfect solution for those who want to make life easier for their pets.





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