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The Precision Pet Two-Door Chrome Great Crate is a quality and safe territory for your dog. If you are going to buy a top quality crate, this one must fit your needs. This Precision crate uses much thicker wires than those cheap crates. Most owners give 5 or 4 star on Amazon and the factors are:
1) reliable quality
2) chrome finishes
3) two door design.


  • Top quality: Quite a lot of owners buy this crate because of the Precision brand that means reliable quality and durability in owners’ hearts. Precision does have better quality than other crates since the crate uses much thicker wires. Apart from that, the space between wires is so narrow that dogs can’t bend it easily.
  • Precision Pet Two-Door Great CrateChrome finish: This feature is another big factor that attracts people to buy. The chrome finish looks cleaner and is easy to clean. It also can blend in with any home décor.
  • Two-door design: Two doors of the crate provide more placement options indoors or in your vehicle and also allow you to get your pet in or out easily. Top door on size 1000-2000 and side door on size 3000-6000.
  • Easy to assemble and store: It only takes three steps to assemble and is very easy because the crate is fully pre-assembled. It also can fold flat for easy storage and transportation.
  • Added features: It comes with a quality leak-proof plastic pan, a carry handle and a divided panel.


  • A pet owner reported his determined dog bent the wires and squeezed out of the crate.


Sizes (L x W x H)

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