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Stairs for Dogs Training:
You’ve weighed all the pros and cons and decided on just the right set of stairs for your dog. You’ve ordered it (through this website, right?) and now it’s been delivered. You place it in just the right place, next to the bed, and you put your dog right in front of it and they won’t budge. Sound familiar?

Most dogs don’t take to climbing a foreign set of stairs immediately. This is where the right training for you dog will pay big rewards later. You don’t want to feel like you wasted the money for something that you can’t use. Remember, your family dog doesn’t like to go outside their comfort zone any more than we do.

A couple of things to remember, first make sure that the stairs for your dog are in a stable position and if they don’t have a skid-proof base or footing, put them on a rug or something that won’t move. Secondly, either place them next to the bed or make sure that there is something against one side of the stairs, like a chair or sturdy table. This will help your dog feel secure when they climb the stairs and not fall off to that side.

Start by showing your dog that you have some treats in your hand and placing one on the lowest step. If they can reach it without getting up onto the stairs for dogs, that’s ok, it will just wet their appetite. Next show him that you are placing a treat on the next step, just out of their reach. You may need to get up on the bed above and give them a little bit of coaxing to get them to keep going. Keep putting the treats on the next stair until they have made it all the way to the top. You will want to repeat the process of going up the stairs a few times and then try to get them to go up without a treat by leading them with your hand. It will help to give them a verbal command while they are learning to go up the stairs, such as “up” that you can use to give them directions later on. Once they have mastered going up the stairs, repeat the process for going “down” the stairs. Usually they will learn to go down within a couple of minutes, if not be patient.

If you just can’t get your dog to budge start with something smaller, like a book, to get used to the idea of getting up onto something and then getting back down. The main thing to remember is to be patient and to give your “best friend” lots of praise, even for little steps. Before long they will be going up and down the stairs for dogs with ease and comfort!

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