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Product Description:

The Super Skamper-Rampis the perfect ramp for your dog, or any other small critters, to be able to climb out of your pool. It snaps together and needs to be mounted to the pool deck, walled pond/canal/bulkhead or floating dock. While designed for emergency escape it will withstand more frequent use.

Manufactured out of blown molded, white polyethylene assembly, recyclable, chemical and UV-resistant with nylon rope, washers and non-rusting D-ring clips for attaching. This ramp will not yellow, become scummy, grow barnacles or mildew when left in the water.

Assembled ramp measures 42″x13″x6.5″.

  • Blown molded polyethylene.
  • Will hold up to 200 pounds.
  • Will not yellow.
  • Will not grow barnacles.


Super Skamper-Ramp Review:

The Super Skamper-Ramp is a stair for your dog that will make your life easier. It can hold pets of up to 200 lbs and is blown molded, recyclable, white polyethylene assembly, UV-resistant with washers and a nylon rope. I really like this stair for dogs because it does not become scummy, or grow mildew or barnacles when it is left in the water.

Easy set up

Anchoring is very easy and your pet will be able to climb out of the water in no time. The manufacture recommends that you use some attaching screws to anchor it to a concrete pool deck, but the right tools will make this job a piece of cake. You can also attach it to a pool or boat ladder, but you will need to make sure that there is no slack in the rope when you do this. You will need to watch your beloved pet while it learns how to use the Super Skamper-Ramp. This water ramp for your dog is very easy to anchor and assemble, and it rests gently on the upper rim of a pool.

Very useful

Many dogs will not be able to get out of the pool without the help of the Super Skamper-Ramp or similar ramp. Dogs that have learned how to swim will find this stair very useful, and they will be able to haul themselves out quickly and swim to the ramp with ease. You will have to introduce your dogs to this ramp so that they get used to it right away, but they will love it after a little bit of training. I love this fact, and you will love it too. Your dogs will get in and out with ease, which is something that will give you a great deal of peace of mind.

It makes your dog happy

The Super Skamper-Ramp is designed to keep your dog happy and give you the peace of mind you are looking for. You will not have to worry about the safety of you beloved pet because the Super Skamper-Ramp will be a life saver, literally, and give them an exit from the boat or pool. Your dogs will love to scamper right up to the boat or pool, and they will have a lot of fun at the same time. This aspect of the Super Skamper-Ramp is one of my favorites among many useful things this stair for dogs has to offer.

Pros and cons

The Super Skamper-Ramp is a sturdy ramp for your dog that will give it all the traction it needs to get out of the pool easily. The holes are well placed and your dog will not have any troubles with them. You need to train your dog to get out of the pool quickly, and this stair for dogs will do the job. However, some users have experienced with this ramp might having problems holding dogs of 80 lbs and over, because it seems that is not wide enough to do this job.

The Super Skamper-Ramp is very easy to set up and your dog will love it. Your beloved pet will be able to get in and out of the water quickly because this it will do its job very well. You will need to train your pet a little bit if you want to get the most out of this ramp in no time. The Super Skamper-Ramp is a very reliable and useful step system for you dog.

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