The 12 “Dog” Days of Christmas: Perfect Presents for Your Pooch!

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

ZippyPaws Holiday Reindeer Pen Burrow Squeaky Plush Hide and Seek Dog Toy

Eleven Holiday Reindeer Squeaky Toys
Ten Perfect Pooch Gift Packs
Nine Travel Dog Bowls
Eight Keepsake Pawprint Kits
Seven Hammock Backseat Bench Covers
Six Marvin Moose Cozie Dog Toys
Five Wi-Fi Pet Cameras
Four Waterproof Dog Shoes
Three Fleece Dog Winter Coats
Two Dog Umbrellas
and a Gift Basket for my favorite doggie!

Test your dog’s intelligence and combat boredom with ZippyPaw’s Zippy Burrow toys! Dogs love to bury their noses in the Burrow to dig out the critters (each comes with three squeaky toys). They’ll be begging you to hide them back in the Burrow again and again for hours of fun! Also a great hide-out for treats.


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