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Vehicle Ramps for Dogs

Traveling with your dog is fun, not only for the dog but for you too. However, how does your dog get into the car? Does he/she jump in? If that is the case, you are making a very big mistake that will come to haunt both you and your dog as the days go by. When the dog leaps into the car, it goes on wearing down its body and the wear and tear eventually takes its toll as the years go by. Vehicle ramps for dogs can however prevent this.

Dog Ramp for SUVWhen a dog leaps into a car, it stretches its muscle joints more than it should because it has to use a lot of energy to jump high enough to match the car’s height. As the joint muscles and bones are overstretched, they go on wearing down. Furthermore, when it lands on the floor of the car or the ground it exerts all that pressure on its paws, putting more pressure on them than they should bear. In fact, many dogs have sprained their paws while jumping into and out of vehicles. A paw sprain is however, nothing compared to the arthritis that your beloved pet can get as a result of constantly leaping into the car.

Vehicle ramps for dogs can however prevent all this from happening. There is no excuse that is good enough why you shouldn’t get a vehicle ramp for your dog. For starters, they are not so bulky that you should find it cumbersome to carry around whenever you and your dog are traveling. Most of them can be folded up to reduce their size and be stretched to equal the size of the vehicle.

Furthermore, it is not expensive, nor is it hard to find, they are all over the market for more, and more people recognize their benefits and asking for them. Here are some of the most crucial benefits of vehicle ramps for dogs:

• They obviously make it easier for the dog to enter the car, giving it a feeling of being cared for and also making you proud.
• They prevent the dangers that the dog faces when it jumps into and out of the vehicle!
• They play a big part in increasing the dog’s natural life expectancy since the complications that are brought about by the dog constantly jumping in and out of the car can be fatal as time goes by.
• They are also very helpful for dogs with medical complications like arthritis or those that have just undergone surgery as they ease the pain when the dogs are getting into the car.
• They are also great for dogs that are growing old that can’t muster the energy required to leap in the car.
• They are a blessing for the cute tiny pooches that simply can’t jump into the car even if they are willing to.
• They are also a God-send for the dogs who are overweight and have no problem eating. These dogs also need to get around and travel with you but their excess weight prevents them from doing so since they can’t jump into the car and if you constantly are lifting them can strain your body as well.
• They also lengthen the dog’s life expectancy, guaranteeing you a longer period with your cherished dog and saving you money that would otherwise go to the vet to cure these preventable illnesses.

And these are just some of the visible benefits that vehicle ramps for dogs have on dogs, there are others that may not be visible to you, but they still benefit the dog and yourself, albeit indirectly. Vehicle ramps for dog are however designed in different ways to cater for dogs with different needs. For instance, if you have a dog that is old or has medical complications and feels pain while walking, you should get him/her a long ramp that will have a smaller slope to ease the difficulty of getting into the vehicle. Also, try to get a ramp with a rubber surface to prevent the dog from sliding off and probably falling.

All in all, evaluate the needs of your dog before you buy the ramp. Also, when buying a ramp, put into consideration your vehicle’s height so that it will neither be neither too long nor too short for the dog. A ramp that is steep will do no good for the dog will still be putting pressure on its toes and straining its joints especially the hipbones.

You can get your dog a customized ramp that will complement the car’s color or even the dog’s favorite color if it has one. It doesn’t have to be all about medical and physical benefits, you can include style in it too so that wherever you travel with the dog you stand out among the others. The dog is our best friend and as such, it should also be treated with care and consideration.

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