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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">10 Ways to Spoil Your Dog in 2017

As I begin 2017 I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish this year. Resolutions usually start the year off with a bang and turn into a thud within the first few months and even possibly days. And while your friends, spouse or significant other may be critical of you for not keeping those resolutions (maybe they’re the ones who prompted you to try in the first place) your trusted “best friend” loves you whether you stick to your resolution or not. Why not return that unconditional love and this year? Here are 10 ways that you can spoil your dog!


  1. Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs, 2-step/for Cats and Dogs up to 75-pounds

Let’s Face it, as your beloved canine friend begins to age, trips up to the bed or sofa become more and more difficult. These steps which work for dogs up to 75 pounds are there to allow your favorite friend a little independence and still get where he wants. These are also great for the littler friends out there who were never able to make to a couch or bed due to size limitations. And as an added bonus you might just save your back in the process.





  1. Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella)

A luxury for bigger dogs, in a colder environment this could be a necessity for our littler friends. Keeping smaller dogs dry in a cold environment is crucial if walking outside is part of your daily routine. And let’s face it, nothing smells worse, well almost nothing, than a nice wet dog. And that nice wet dog smell transfers very easily to the insides of cars, carpets, bedrooms, and anywhere else your four legged friend wanders to.





  1. PetPeek Pet Window for pets

Any dog who spends any time at all in a fenced in back yard will love this. He will finally be able to see what he is barking at! Once again, there could be bonuses for the owner as well. If your dog gets fascinated with the window and the views it offers, he may just spend more time outside taking in the sites. The only thing better than a dog window would be two dog windows, one for each side. There are many dogs that could exhaust themselves running from window to window as people and cars pass by.




  1. Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House

This is living, at least if you have four legs and like to lick a lot. This is a dog house this a pillow connected to stairs with a ladder to a top view. These are made for both indoor and outdoor use, but if you have a dog that likes his alone time in his own space this would be the perfect home for him. And when it gets warm and he needs to sun, he can hop up on top and take in the rays. A lot of dogs would find joy in continually going up and down the stairs, which by the way is a great form of exercise.




  1. Dog Pet Water Fountain API Doggie Fountain

Can you imagine if your dog had his own water fountain? Of course now he can. There are certain dogs that are sure to double your water bill once you get this contraption installed. Basically your dog can step on a lever, cleverly marked with a dog paw so he knows exactly where to stand, and can then drink right out of the hose, er fountain. Who even needs a bowl?


  1. Snoozer- Luxury Sofa Pet Bed – Extra Large / Memory Foam

Why should the comforts of memory foam only be for people? Your dog will sleep in comfort as the memory foam pillow molds to his body. And as an added bonus, maybe you will get a spot in your bed back. This may be one of the more expensive bed options for canine companion, but he is your best friend right? If you have two or three dogs though, and they all are in need of a new pillow, you may need to increase your credit line before purchasing these.


  1. Bone Pool

If it is hot where you live and your dog is outside a lot, a dog pool is must. And if you are going to get a pool for your dog, why not make it look like something he loves? A bone pool will let everyone know who this pool is for. You should go ahead and spend the money on a more expensive vinyl version though. There are cheaper options out there, but they usually have to be replaced every couple of years. Buying one of the more expensive versions will pay for itself in the long run as it will last for your current dog, and any future canine friends you may have as well.




  1. Swimways Float Paddle Paws – Large (65 lbs and Up)

If you have a larger pool or a lake, a flotation raft for your dog is a must. They sometimes like a break from the water and to sun just like we do. Why should you buy a special raft just for your dog? Why can’t they use one of the cheap ones like the humans use? Their paws will quickly poke holes in the raft and everyone will sink to the bottom. Swimways make specially designed rafts that can take the dog paw and claw abuse and keep right on floating.



  1. Pet Safety Harness

All kidding aside, if you love your pet enough to buy them anything on this list, why wouldn’t you keep them safe in your car as well. This is mostly for dogs that ride a lot in the back seat. It might not even be a catastrophic accident, but a quick stop at a red light that could lead to a trip to see the vet. They just keep everyone in the car safer, the dog, the children, the driver, anyone in the car. Everyone has finally gotten around to buckling themselves in, let’s get caught up with our dogs as well.




  1. Brinkmann Pet 29-Inch by 19-Inch Faux Leather Sofa Bed

What better way to get your canine friend to lounge around and watch some television with you after a hard day at the office, then to provide him with his own couch to stretch out on. And by the way, your dog will not realize it is faux leather, he could very well think it is the real thing. The more places you give your dog to hang out, the more likely he will be not to spend every waking moment curled up on you. Not a bad thing if you have a smaller friend, but a big pain when you have one of the 75 pound or above varieties.


If you have any other ideas for a great way to spoil your dog in 2017, make sure to share them in our comments section below! We would love to hear them!

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