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Dog Ramp for Bed

Why Should You Buy a Dog Ramp for Bed?

If you own a small breed dog then you probably are aware of the feeling that you get seeing him jump up and down to get on the furniture, especially the bed while you’re trying to sleep. There’s no doubt that dogs are considered to be an integral part of family and thus, taking care of their needs should be the top-most priority of dog-owners. Moreover, if your dog is usually sleeping with you, then you should consider a dog ramp for the bed to help you family pet to get on the bed with you.

Dog Ramp for Bed


Dogs have a natural tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and wander around in the house looking for a new place to sleep. In most cases, they’ll end up climbing onto your bed to make a space for them to sleep, disturbing your sleep due to jerking sensations. While you cannot control your dog’s habit, it is often advised to buy stairs or a dog ramp for the bed so your dog can climb the bed easily without creating any mess. A dog ramp for the bed is a great solution for pet owners who are already frustrated by their dog’s habit. If you don’t want to compromise your sleep anymore, consider investing in one.

Benefits of Dog Ramp for Bed

There are endless benefits to having a dog ramp these days. You can use them for a number of purposes such as letting your dog climb easily on the bed, or to help him get in and out of the car. If you’re someone who just cannot stand sudden bed disturbances, when you’re sleeping, reading or watching a horror movie at night, this is the best solution for you.

Reduce the Discomfort

Whether you own a small breed dog, or a senior dog, it is worth investing in a furniture accessory that can provide comfort to your dog. Using a ramp will ensure that you or your dog will not have to face any kind of injury while jumping on and off from the bed. Your dog will be able to climb on the bed with ease, without creating any kind of hassles for you as well. You don’t have to assist your dog to get onto the bed.

Cost Elimination

It also ensures complete elimination of cost that would be involved as a result of an injury. When your dog won’t have to jump aggressively to be able to reach the height of your bed, it will definitely eliminate the potential risk of injuries and other damages in the house.


Although most pet steps and ramps are designed keeping in mind the needs of senior dogs, they are also wonderful for small breeds who cannot jump up that easily. Additionally, it also saves you the inconvenience of lifting your loving dog every time he wants to sit or sleep on the bed. The fact that there would be no one to do that either in your absence, makes it a must have accessory.


If your dog keeps climbing up the bed and off it without the use of steps, it can lead to some problems in his joints and limbs. Pet ramps can slow down the movements and efforts of your dog’s from jumping off, leading to less gravity pressure on his joints. Even experts and dog trainers recommend smooth and soft pet steps to mitigate painful developments in dog joints to prevent serious future complications.

Choosing the Right Dog Ramp for Bed

It is highly recommended to choose a dog ramp for bed that would appear attractive and interesting to your dogs. Make sure it is well-built and durable enough to handle your dog’s weight. Do not forget to measure your bed’s height before purchasing a ramp. It should not be too much of an incline and be able to be placed securely at one side of the bed. Too steep or too short of a ramp will give almost the same impact as without a ramp.

Dog ramps are highly recommended by professionals and veterinarians to help prevent unnecessary accidents and alleviate difficulties that pets face reaching their favorite perches or beds. Conditions like arthritis, dog hip or elbow dysplasia, and other kneecap problems known to small breeds are also one of the reasons to invest in the ramp. A dog ramp will safely boost the mobility of your dog and help him properly reach high beds used in modern interiors, along with chairs, vehicles, couches and windowsills.

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