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Stairs for Large Dogs

When a large dog is in the prime of its life it is able to jump up and down from the bed, sofa and even the back of a truck with ease. As he matures his hips and other joints start to pay the price for all those years of activity. A set of stairs for large dogs will help him to be able to accomplish those tasks and maintain his independence that he was able to do so easily in his youth.

As a large breed dog ages his joints start to feel the effects of arthritis and other degenerative diseases like hip dysplasia. Additionally, an older dog will fight the same challenge with its weight as we do and that increased weight will cause additional stress on those already older joints and back. Even healthy dogs can suffer spine and joint injuries that can drastically reduce his mobility if they don’t land properly when they jump. Dog breed that have longer spines, shorter legs, sensitive bones or are overweight are at a much higher risk for injury.

American families currently own approximately eighty three million dogs! That’s about 47% of American households. From the time that your dog is a pup licking your face to the later years when they need help getting around, a dog becomes a member of the family. Whether your “best friend” has reached the point in his life that he needs a set of stairs for dogs or you want to be proactive and reduce his chance of injury and help to extend his life, you will want to choose the right set of stairs for large dogs for him.

Here is a table to help you find just the right stairs for you dog…

Stairs for Large Dogs

Product ImageBrand & ModelWeight LimitAmazon ReviewPrice
Pet Gear Easy Step III Extra Wide Pet Stairs, up to 200-pounds2005$$
Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs up to 150-pounds1504.3$$
Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs1204.4$
Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs up to 150-pounds1504.5$$
Solvit PupSTEP Wood Pet Stairs, Large2004$$
Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp/Steps1304.8$$$$
Pet Gear Soft Step II Pet Stairs up to 150-pounds1503.8$$
Solvit PupSTEP Wood Pet Stairs, Extra Large2003.5$$$
Pet Gear Soft Step III Pet Stairs up to 150-pounds1503.8$$