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Is the Petmate Lightweight Pet Steps II the Right Choice For Your Pet?

If you have a pet that requires the use of steps, you will be fully aware of how important a decision it is to get the right product for your treasured dog or cat’s specific needs. The Petmate Lightweight Pet Steps II, has many unique features and benefits, however, it also has its arguable shortcomings; both the negatives and positives will be explored here so that the choice you make will, hopefully, be made an easier one.

For the less agile parent, the Petmate steps are ideal. With an easy-grip handle the unit can be pushed up to your couch or bed with ease. The steps are lightweight so if you have little mobility, there will be no added pressure put on your back in order to move it around. The Petmate II also has non-skid rubber feet so they will work particularly well for the harder floors, but the multi-purpose design works equally well on carpet too. The Pet Steps II are the same height as standard sofas and chairs so they can fit in with most room layouts.

Petmate Lightweight Pet Steps IIThe steps are designed for pets up to 70lbs however the stairs are incredibly narrow at 10 inches so for the more unsteady animal, there may be an issue climbing effectively. Moreover, the steps are shallow and steep so there may be difficulty maneuvering for some dogs and larger cats. Even with the ribbed design, the product may not even be particularly suitable for dogs who are more experienced in using steps due to their being quite slippery and not the most stable. Maybe an added side barrier on the design could have corrected this. However, for agile cats who are not afraid to climb, the steps will likely be no obstacle.

This item does have a potential safety issue in that the cut-out plastic holes on the side of each step are quite sharp around the edges. Although, presumably, the design was intended to aid in movability for the parent, the pet may cut themselves on the edges and may even get stuck in the steps. For many animals, once they feel something move or they fall into a space, their confidence takes a knock and they may refuse to try to use the steps again. For the more playful cat, however, the coves are likely to be a plus as they often like to hide in the most unusual and tightest of spaces.

One of the most desirable features of the Petmate Lightweight Pet Steps II, is the decorative design. Many pet steps are plain in design with no pattern but these will brighten up any home with a similar chocolate brown color and would work equally well with neutral tones. The plastic design is lightweight and durable and is extremely user-friendly in that they can be transferred from your home to another house if your pet stays with a family member or friend.

For those with smaller and agile dogs and cats, the steps could be a very wise choice however bear in mind that if you have a higher than average or pillow-topped bed, the steps may not be large enough. For the owner of a less confident animal, or one with physical health issues, the Pet Steps II may not be the best option and there are other products, possibly with a more sturdy construction, that will allow for your pet to climb quickly and easily and be happily sat next to you in no time.

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