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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">A Wireless Pet Fence, The Basics of Installation & Training

Are you tired of your dog sneaking out or escaping from the boundaries of your home? Are you worried that your dog may run out to the street and meet an accident? Are you tired of your neighbors calling you to find that your dog has made a mess in their yard? Sometimes a wired fence may not do the trick in keeping your dog within the bounds of your home or specific area. Many have now shifted from wired fences to wireless pet fences for dogs. We have seen how some dog owners have chained their pets or put up fences to prevent dogs from escaping or going beyond the boundary of the yard. However, some communities no longer approve of homeowners setting up wired fences. To add, wired fences also take extra money and effort to maintain. You’ll also have to worry about your dog digging holes underneath these fences which will not only ruin your property but again take more of your time to have it fixed and hole closed.

The wireless dog fence is one that is battery operated that sends radio waves which will build an invisible boundary or fence for your dog. An electronic device on the collar will pick up the transmission from the radio waves which will signal your dog when he is pushing against the bounds.  The shock that it sends to your dog might surprise him and hurt just a little bit. However, it will not have hurtful long lasting effects. The only thing your dog will remember is not to go past his boundaries. You may be surprised that training your dog with this kind of tool might sometimes also Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence Dogtake a little more effort and assessment. Some big dogs can withstand the shock or other dogs have a higher tolerance for pain. If you do buy a wireless pet fence, it is important to check the information about the grounding as well as observe if it has any effect on your dog.  It is also important to inform your kids about the tool and what it does so that they can also stay away from harm and understand what happens to your pet. Some owners may be uncomfortable with the part that it sends a shock to the dogs; however this may be better than having your dog going over the boundary only to be hit by a car. Also, it is a better sight to see a dog that knows his boundaries and can play freely as compared to one that is chained and barking to wish to be free.

To have a peace of mind, you can read some of the wireless pet fence reviews we have posted. It will give you a better idea of what to expect from their products and effects on dogs from the eyes of actual pet owners. At the same time, you will be able to learn which of the brands will better suit your needs as not all of them have the same features. This type of training has been assessed and labeled as a safe tool to use for pets. In addition, many dog owners have seen that this actual training does work.


Installing A Wireless Pet Fence

A wireless fence for dogs is a device used to prevent a dog or any pet from leaving the yard. It runs on batteries, or plugs directly into a power socket, and transmits a signal to the electronic collar strapped on the dog’s neck. The collar emits a low level static jolt to the dog if an attempt is made to pass through the wireless dog fence. Wireless fences for dogs are products that have been approved by the humane society for animals and regarded as safe devices for pets. There are a lot of dog fences in the market and you can check out their different features by reading the many wireless dog fence reviews online. We discuss how to install a wireless dog fence on your own.

Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence Roaming AreaFirst, install the wireless dog fence transmitter box inside your home. It should be in a dry space, near a wall socket if wired, away from children and metal objects. The metal will interfere with the transmitter and may reduce the signal strength. The transmitter should be at least 3 feet above the ground for best results. Always follow the installation instructions that come with your dog fence.

Place the boundary flags around the area where you want your pet to stay. Turn on the wireless dog fence and set the range to what you prefer. This device usually has a low and high setting. It creates a circular boundary shape from radiating from the device. The shape cannot be shaped, but the range can. If you have a big yard, an extra transmitter or two may be needed. There are even wireless pet fences that can accommodate a half-acre property if needed.

Always test the dog collar before sending your pet outside. Turn on the dog fence transmitter and hold the dog collar around the height where your dog’s neck should be. Walk to the edge of the boundary and wait for the warning beep to sound when you approach the edge. If the signal doesn’t sound, adjust the range and test again. Refer to your instruction manual if you still have problems.

When you are sure that the wireless pet fence has been activated all around the yard, place the dog collar on your pet. Your pet should feel a minor shock when he ignores the warning signal and attempts to pass through the boundary you set.

There should be training instructions included with the pet. It usually consists of training your dog where his boundaries are and that hearing the warning beep should be enough to get him to back off.


Training with a Wireless Pet Fence

Happy Dog with a Wireless Dog FenceWe cannot erase the fact that many dogs freely roaming around have disrupted communities and unfortunately for some owners, they find themselves facing law suits. Roaming dogs can mess up a neighbor’s flower garden, frighten children even if they only wanted to play, meet car accidents which will make all parties angered, and more. In lieu of this kind of scenario (and there are many more which roaming dogs find themselves in), it is wise for dog owners to find a way to train their dogs to stay within certain limits of their home.

We have seen dog owners go out to buy wire and spend extra time, labor and money to set up a dog fence. However, there are certain places which no longer allow dogs to be fenced up. Thus, many are becoming introduced to wireless dog fences to help train their dogs to stay within the bounds set for them. An invisible wireless fence for your dog may be a new concept to you. Read on to learn more about this tool which you may find might be the right tool for you and your beloved pet.

Basically, a wireless dog fence sends radio waves which transmit a signal or a shock to dogs when they are at the boundary line. There is an electronic device that is attached to the dog’s collar. A shock sounds like a hurtful way to train an animal; but this device has been approved to be pet friendly. Some wireless fences have features such as beeping to warn your dog that he is approaching the boundary so that your dog has time to retreat.

This kind of fence is battery operated and it is quick to set up. So that it performs at its best, it is good to make sure that there is no obstruction such as metal which can get in the way of the radio waves. One of the negative things about this kind of tool is that you have to check every once and awhile that the boundary set does not wobble or else it will confuse your dog as to where his exact limits are. Another thing that you need to also consider is the length that your dog has in order to retreat. Sometimes this tool may warn your dog that he is already too close to the boundary when in fact he is still far from it which will also confuse the training that you are giving him.

However, the advantage of using this device is that you will have a happier dog who will be able to play and run within the loving bounds that you have set up for him. He will not need to feel that you are keeping him away from the “outside” world as compared to having him fenced. You may also find that the community you live in will start looking better and more peaceful when dog fences come down. This tool is a good way to train your dog which will make a happy home, neighbor, and community.

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