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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">Top Four Reasons Why You need to own a Dog Boat Ramp. #4 Might Suprise you!

Just like people, a dog has feelings; it expresses love to his master and gives him the sense of belonging. A dog boat ramp is also a loyal friend, always steady and ready to stand by your dog during the ‘wet’ times. This is why you should take good care of your dog, ensuring that he has a ramp any time he steps inside a boat.

Granting your pet ease in movement whether on land or in the waters is among the factors that contribute to the overall health of an animal. This is why new products are flooding the market to ensure that the man to dog relationship grows stronger. Some amazing contribution in the ‘dog world’ are definitely dog ramps; namely the boat ramp & ladder, truck ramp and bed ramp.

So why do you need a boat ramp/ladder?

Top Four Reasons Why You need to own a Dog Boat Ramp:

The next time you are thinking of going fishing or just enjoying the ‘blue waters’, you dog could also come along thanks to the boat ramp; a creative invention intended to help your dog in many ways. including;

1) Protect your dog

Having a playful nature of running around or diving in the pool, dogs at times get joint injuries when they try to get back in the boat after getting wet. Installing the perfect ramp on your boat will guarantee your pal – the dog, easy access from the waters to the boat without getting injuries that may result from a slip.

2) For small, sick and the elderly

Recommended for the small, the injured and the elderly, a dog ramp is the best approach to cater for your old or injured dog since this is a preferred exercise during water therapy which helps strengthen their muscles then later easily load them back.

Without the ramp a dog is susceptible to further injury limiting him in doing certain activities. To the smaller breeds, the boat ramp is the best support they could get since they don’t have the height to reach taller boat levels.

3) Saves time and effort

Lifting your dog each and every time to get in or out the boat is made easier with the ramp. They can easily do the task on their own saving you the effort you would employ in a single lift which could end up pulling or pinching something in your lower back.

4) Get your dog from the dock, to your boat

Boat ramps are not only used from the water but also for getting your dog to and from the dock. It will simply match across to your boat without the worry of slipping from your hand and getting wet when you are moving.


Now that you know some of the benefits that the ramp has to offer, there are factors to consider when you are about to buy one;

  • The lighter the boat ramp the better it is for your dog to utilize.
  • truck ramp tend to be heavier than boat ramps because of the different purposes each type has against the other. The length of the ramp depends on the dog size. Many dog ramps measure about 70″ long which is almost 6 feet, giving a reasonable slope suitable for most dogs. If by chance you own a bigger dog, you can also opt for longer versions which measure up to 84″ long.
  • When it comes to space, these ramps are easy to carry and store thanks to their fold-up nature. Since boat ramps come in different colors including lengths, they are designed in such a way that they are portable no matter what size. Some are tri-fold while others double making each type suitable for any kind of boat ride.
  • Depending on how much you are willing to spend, commercial boat ramps cost around $70-$120 each plus shipping.

Eliminate the thought of leaving your dog behind when you decide to go fishing or swimming in the lake or river; you can now choose to bring your dog with you anytime you want to. Whichever breed you own, investing in a dog boat ramp is a definite plus as it will give both you and your pal a piece of mind and best of all, good health.


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