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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">4 Good Reasons to Invest in Stairs for Dogs to get on a Bed

Stairs for dogs to get on a bedThere are a few factors that make a dog’s life really difficult, especially when they are aging. It even gets worse when your dog is disabled. Most of these pets will have difficulties when jumping, climbing up or down off of furniture, such as a beds. And in fact, jumping down from some places may be very harmful to your dog, especially when they are still young. If you have a puppy that needs support when climbing up or down from their resting places, there is no better way to help them than to have some stairs for you dog that will make it easier for them to get on or off their bed comfortably. Stairs for dogs to get on a bed is a good idea indeed, this is why:

1) The aging factor:
As we advance in years, we become less active and tasks that once appeared simple have now become very difficult to accomplish. The same is true with pet dogs. As they age, they may develop a condition called hip displasia, or joints and backs pains. They develop Arthritis just like humans. These conditions, coupled together, can make it very difficult for aging dogs to jump onto beds, sofas and other high places. However, your dog doesn’t have to suffer every time they need to climb the bed. These stairs ease the pressure on their joints and backs, thus making the activity less painful.

2) Ideal for smaller breeds:
Not all pet dogs are bigger in size. That means their jumping range may vary greatly. Smaller pet dogs expose themselves to risk of injury when they jump on or off of the bed and other high places. Besides this, these stairs makes it easier for them to reach their destination hassle-free.

3) Over-weight pets:
Over-weight dogs have the same problem as smaller dogs when it comes to jumping on or off high places. They may experience difficulties getting on or off couches and beds due to their heavy weight. Installing pet stairs will ensure that the dog, in spite of their weight, won’t risk getting injured in the process of jumping. And because you love your pet so much, it doesn’t cost you that much to make their work easier by placing these steps beside the bed.

4) Stairs for Dogs have a number of health benefits for your pet:
If you care for the long-term overall health of your dog, you may need to invest in stairs for dogs to get on a bed or other furniture. It is a common occurrence for specific breeds of dogs to expose themselves to certain health conditions. Dachshunds are susceptible to spinal problems. That means if you encourage a lot of jumping in these dogs, you are going to put pressure on their spinal disks. But this is also true with other breeds as well. Too much jumping, on and off will put stress on their back and joints and this can lead to back pains or Arthritis. But you can alleviate the potential for these problems through buying pet steps for your dog.

Stairs for Dogs can be manufactured either by using wood, plastic or even cardboard. Wood material pet steps are more studier than their counterparts made of plastic, so they come with a high price tag. Some of these are carpeted while others just come with non-skid features on their surfaces. These stairs also come in different heights, so it shouldn’t be a difficult task to find the right one for your dog.

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