Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp Steps Review


Make it easy for your beloved pet to reach sofas, beds and more! The versatile Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp converts into easily from steps to ramps and back again as well as storing conveniently under your bed, keeping your room neat and tidy! This dog ramp comes already assembled and is made of sturdy pine wood, not pressed board like other ramps. With it’s carpeted surface your pet won’t slip either!

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp Features:

  • Innovative design converts steps into an easy-to-use ramp, or folds up for easy storage under the bed
  • Sturdy cherry-finished pine frame holds pets up to 130 lbs
  • Each step measures 12″D x 16″W and is covered with soft, non-slip, easy-clean carpeting
  • Three Step measures 40″L x 17 1/2″W x 19 1/2″H
  • Two Step measures 26”L x 17 ½”W x 13”H
  • Perfect for aging or arthritic pets

This ramp steps easily convert from steps to a ramp to make it easy for aging or arthritic pets to reach sofas, beds, and more. Easy to use staircase skittish pets who don’t like traditional pet steps. Innovative patented design. Sturdy mahogany-finished pine frame holds pets up to 130-pounds. Each step measures 12-inch depth by 16-inch width and is covered with soft, non-slip, easy-clean carpeting. Perfect for aging or arthritic pets. Folds flat for storage. Handle and steps that lock in place increase portability.

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp Steps Review:

Pet Studio Dog Ramp Steps: Stepping On the Best

The Pine Frame Dog Ramp/Steps is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon as of this review. Is it worth the rating? Yes, it is. When it comes to pet stairs, Pet Studio offers the most versatile and convenient product. Pet Studio Dog stairs converts steps into an easy to use ramp. If your pet is aging or suffering from arthritis, then Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp/Steps are a must have. These ramp/steps combo will ease your pet struggle to climb. You have the option of getting one with three steps or one with two steps.

This ramp/steps combo is made of pine wood and not press board like many dog steps are. It weights approximately 55 pounds. Therefore, the pine frame is a sturdy enough to hold a maximum of 130lbs. It has a leather handle that makes it easy to carry. It comes already assembled. Many customers love this product, because it is pleasing to the eyes. When it is up, it will not be an eye sore in your den or living room. Plus, the steps are not bulky and can easily be stored under the bed and some couches.

The three steps measure 40″L x 17 1/2″W x 19 1/2″H. The steps are covered in soft, non-slip, easy to clean carpeting. The steps are not too steep so small dogs can maneuver up them with ease, and the steps are wide enough to not strain a longer built dog’s back. Another great benefit of using these steps that you do not have to worry about your dog sustaining injuries from wildly jumping off the bed. It does not take long to train your pet to use the steps or ramp. Some pets can be trained in 90 seconds.

Benefits for Owners

The Pet Studio Dog Ramp Steps is not only beneficial to your pet. It has many benefits for you. If you are dealing with a bad back, shoulder or elbow problems, do not worsen your health when the Pet Studio Dog Ramp has the perfect solution for you. You will not have strain your back lifting your pet onto a couch or bed. Some pets can be feisty. If you try to pick them up, they will squirm and scratch you. The stairs will allow your pet to have independence and not rely on you for everything.

Ramp vs. Stairs

The ramp option is fantastic for pets suffering from strained or broken limbs. If your dog is having hip problems, the ramp option is the best. The ramp can also be used to get your pet inside and outside of your SUV, van or truck. At other times, the ramp or the steps can work. It is best to see which one your pet prefers. Some will prefer the stairs over the ramp and visa versa.

Some pets might be afraid of ramps and will prefer the steps. If your pet needs the ramp, but they are afraid of it. You should ease them into using the ramp by choosing a third option. The third option is a ramp with a bottom step. This option is only available for the three step Pet Studio Dog Ramp Steps.

Not Limited to Dogs

Although this is marketed as a dog ramp, it can be used for cats. Older cats will enjoy the relief of not having to jump.

If you are looking for pet steps that can work for any occasion, Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp/Steps are the right way to go.


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