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style="float:none; /*width:635px;*/">PetStairz 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step Review

Product Description:

PetStairz 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step and Pet Stair with Beige Removable and Washable High Curly Pile Shearling Cover for Pets up to 50 Lbs.

  • Lightweight, portable, can be utilized by all ages and breeds
  • Also great for small and medium sized pets with joint problems, aging issues, hip dysplasia arthritis and handicaps
  • Each step is individually fabricated and bonded which helps to achieve maximum support for pet weight distribution
  • low impact foam measures approx 25-26 inches high x 16 inches wide x 37 inches long
  • Helps to prevent back, neck, joint erosion caused in pets caused by jumping MADE IN USA

We are the manufacturer of the “original” foam pet step in production for 15 years. Top 10 product of the year award Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University 2008. The stylish dog steps and cat steps enable your pets to navigate furniture, beds, vehicles and window sills with ease. By taking the PetStairz you will help to prevent back and neck injuries that can occurs when pets jump to and from high places. Pet steps also help to reduce stress on their bones and gives you peace of mind. Please note pets joint are surrounded by water, just like people. Each time they impact the joint from jumping they can erode the joint area which may lead to joint disorders and eventually arthritis. Start them as puppies and kittens and they will have healthy joints through life. Measure your placement area steps should be 1 step below height of furniture your pet needs to achieve. Each step height is 4.25 inches. MADE IN USA!
Seller Warranty Description
Foam is guaranteed against separation for life of product. Foam that has been wet or exposed to moisture is not covered under this warranty.

PetStairz 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step Review:

If you have a four-legged canine (or feline) buddy who likes to join you in bed for a snooze now and then, pet stairs are a convenient, thoughtful way to make the journey from the floor to the bed easier on your pets. And the Pet Stairs 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step is an excellent choice in this product category, an award-winning quality offering that includes some noticeable differences.

First, the basics. The PetStairz 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Steps are made of specially-designed low-impact foam, with each step having a 100 percent foam center. The steps measure approximately 25-26 inches in height, with a width of 16 inches wide and a length of 37inches.

These steps are slightly taller than most pet stairs, and they’re individually fabricated and bonded for maximum support and balanced weight distribution, with a simple, clean beige look that fits in seamlessly with any bedroom or household decor. The removable cover allows easy cleaning and washing, and the light weight makes these pet stairs easy to move around without any heavy lifting in case your pet also has a favorite window or couch perch.

And if you are using them in the bedroom, keep in mind that accidentally kicking or colliding with a foam product is a much kinder and gentler experience than running into wooden pet stairs. It also allows pets to get down from the bed easily and quietly, which can help everyone in the bedroom get a better night’s sleep.

Pet Stairz has been in business for 15 years making both steps and covers, so they’re a known brand name within the industry. This product is particularly noteworthy, having been selected in 2008 as a Top 10 Product of the Year by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, which is considered one of the top schools for veterinary training in the country.

When you shop for pet stairs, it’s important to realize just how much of a difference they can make in your pet’s health, especially with small dogs. Dogs under 20 pounds spend most of their lives jumping up onto furniture and into vehicles, and over time the constant leaping begins to take a toll.

Pet stairs help maintain joint health and prevent arthritis, as well as preventing hip dysplasia and a variety of other aging-related issues. The quality foam adds an extra level of comfort, and once you start using these stairs it’s easy to see how much they appreciate the difference.

The Pet Stairs 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step is designed for both small and medium dogs, but the tradeoff that comes with high-quality foam is the possibility of quicker wear and eventual collapse, which is an important consideration if you’re buying for a medium-size dog. Also, while the foam does provide good footing, some older dogs might go through some insecurity issues when their paws sink into the soft foam. And it’s important in general to remember that some brief training is necessary to help your dog acclimate to any set of pet stairs.

It’s also important to measure the placement area for the stairs, keeping in mind that placement should be one step below the height of whatever piece of furniture your pet needs to access. There is no assembly required, but you should also remember that the top step is slightly thinner, which can be an issue for some older dogs, so be aware of whatever gait and stability issues your pet might have and take them into account while shopping.

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